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“Jody and I worked together on a tax evasion matter. We enjoyed an open dialogue concerning what was best for the client using his expertise in criminal law and my expertise in tax law. In the end, we developed a joint strategy that helped our client avoid criminal prosecution. The client was very happy with the result.”

Peter Aprile, Tax Lawyer


I Worry About Your Case So You Don’t Have To

Toronto Criminal Law Firm – Berkes Criminal Law

You’ve just been confronted with some serious legal problems and you’re worried about how it will affect you and your family, which is understandable. Trials are hard on you and your loved ones, time-consuming, and the outcome is never certain, no matter how strong your case. However, amidst all your worrying, you may unintentionally neglect your family and personal responsibilities, which causes real damage. At the Toronto Criminal Law Firm – Berkes Criminal Law my job is to do the worrying for you, so you can focus on what is important.

A Lawyer Who Understands the System

The truth is any lawyer can conduct a trial. However, only a lawyer who truly understands the system can resolve a matter while avoiding a trial. When discussing your matter with the Crown Attorney or a judge during a judicial pretrial, Berkes Criminal Law Firm in Toronto strives to show that there is another side of your story not nearly as black and white as it is in the Crown brief. My aim is finding middle ground that resolves the matter without the client getting a permanent criminal record.

When A Trial Can Not Be Avoided…

Sometimes cases simply cannot be resolved without a trial. When that happens, I emphasize preparing both you and the case for trial. I have successfully excluded damaging evidence or obtained judicial stays based on breaches of my client’s Charter rights and we will discuss opportunities to do that in your case. We will also discuss retaining expert witnesses to challenge assumptions made by the Crown’s experts. Finally, I will seek your input on what the Crown’s witnesses are saying about you so that we can effectively challenge their evidence.

Minimizing the Impact of a Harsh System

Sometimes good people do bad things. The system tends to see the offence, not the person, and prescribes a one size fits all punishment. At Berkes Criminal Law Firm in Toronto, I strive to make the Crown and Judges understand the people behind the charges; the pressures they faced, the conditions under which they lived and the reasons why they had no choice but to commit the act with which they were charged. All this helps reduce punishment.

I’m Available Around the Clock

While some questions can wait for business hours, when emergencies arise, you need a lawyer who personally answers calls on evenings and weekends. I am accessible to my clients via cell-phone and e-mail when they need me. And, if I am tied up with other matters, your phone call will be returned as soon as possible.

Remember – My goal as a Toronto criminal lawyer is to decrease the worry that comes from a system that is intimidating and impersonal. I worry about your case so you do not have to.


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